Photo Sessions

Who is your standard client?

There is no such thing as a standard client. My clients come from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes.

What is a Boudoir photo shoot like?

It is a fun filled three hours where you will be pampered by my makeup artist first. It is not scary and is fun first and foremost.

Do you photograph other subjects?

Yes I photograph dancers and art nudes. I am also happy to do female portraits. If you are interested in any of these projects then get in touch with me.

What don't you photograph?

I don’t photograph weddings or families. All my photo shoots are 18 years and over I am afraid.

Will my photographs be put up on your site for all to see?

Your photographs are private. If however you are happy for me to showcase your photographs on my site then I am more than happy to show them off.

Do you work with models?

All the time. A lot of photographs in the galleries are of models as boudoir photography can be a very private thing and not every client will want their photographs shown to strangers.


Where are you based?

I have a 3,000 sq ft studio which is about 6 miles from Thame in Oxfordshire. The studio itself, is on the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire border and is just a couple of miles from the motorway. Have a look at my contact page for a map.

How easy is it to travel to you?

If you have a look at our map you can see we are very close to the motorway. You then drive along some country roads for a couple of miles before you get to the studio. It is very easy to find.

Have you got parking?

Yes, I have plenty of car parking right outside the studio. Therefore, if you bring a lot of clothing with you then you will not need to carry it a great distance.

What other facilities do you have?

My studio has a large make-up and changing room with full length mirrors so you can check your look before going in front of the camera. I also have coffee and tea facilities and disabled access.

Do you use props

I have a large number of props at the studio. Including a bed, sofa, a large range of throws and many different backgrounds.

Do I bring my own clothes?

Yes, you can bring whatever you wish but I can also supply some items as well. Have a look at my Preparation for your Shoot page which gives you some ideas of what to bring.

Do we shoot outside?

As I am based in the countryside then we can shoot outside – but only if you want to and only if it is a warm day.

Do I need to go nude?

No. If you want to then that is fine but you don’t have to. You might just want to wear lingerie or even a dress.

Do you check my ID?

As the work that I do is of a sensual nature then I will ask for ID to make sure that you are over 18.

What sort of lighting do you use?

Mainly Broncolor studio lights and I usually only use one or two lights at most. For outside work then I will shoot with natural light.

Do you retouch?

Yes I use Photoshop. However, I will not make you look completely different to who you actually are. Therefore, there is no liquifying of your body to remove inches.

Do you shoot 'on location'?

Yes I do. If you want to shoot at a hotel for example then we can look into this option. This is very dependent though on whether an outside location will let us shoot there.


I have never posed before, will you help me?

Yes, totally. Most of my clients have never posed in front of a camera before. I will give you ideas of what to do and how to do it. And usually I will show you as well.

Will I just be told to 'Smile'?

Actually no. Telling someone to smile to the camera does not actually work well. In this case we are telling a story and the poses that we do will mimic that story.

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