I love taking photographs of the human form.

The majority of photographs that I shoot celebrate the female form. This is either through boudoir photography, dance photography or artistic art nudes. In every one, the lighting and feel is there to enhance the female body.

My great love is black and white imagery as that strips away any distracting colors and instead, focuses on the important part of the image – the subject herself.

Even as a child I loved art and would always draw and paint using black and white as my main color choice. Once I got my first camera this journey continued. Sometimes I do shoot in color but the tones remain more often than not, muted and subtle.

My goal is to empower women, whether large or small, to feel confident and good about their own bodies. There should be no such thing as body shaming as each woman is an individual.

To achieve this I love photographing women in a boudoir setting as part of my private shoots. As well as photographing dancers and fine art nudes.